Its all gone wrong!!!!

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Normally this is what a customer says when they go for the cheapest quote.

in this market of looking for an electrician its like trying to get a home loan.... So many hoops you need to jump through to find someone reliable. Well we can save you all the hassle, We are trading standards and Kent County Council approved.

You have 2 types of electricians, a "Domestic installer" and an "Approved Electrician"

The Domestic Installer can be anybody with limited or no experience who has done a career change, and only requires up to 6 weeks of courses at a college. They are only allowed to work domestically hence the name "domestic installer". This was brought out many years ago for Other tradesmen and women. A kitchen can do the electrics in the kitchen fitter without needed to employ the services of an electrician which would up the price. The problem is every business looking to make money jumped on the band wagon and started advertising the Domestic Installer course. A loop hole in the system which means we now have an abundance of domestic installers without experience and limited knowledge and fault finding skills vs fully qualified electricians.

We are approved electricians so this means you dont need to worry about experience or lack there of. We are very very competitive on pricing, we will never be as cheap as a domestic installer and being a fully qualified electrician comes with higher membership fees and higher insurances and more responsibilities so in a nut shell we have higher operating costs.

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