Electrical Installation Condition Report


You require an EICR for any of the following reasons.

  • Peace of mind

  • Tripping of circuit breakers

  • Blowing of fuses

  • Shocks from touching metallic objects within your home

  • Rental Property

  • Purchasing or Sale of a property (recommended by your solicitor)

  • Signs of burning or high heat


This consumer unit tested for bad earths, Due to the age of this board and being next to a main road, over time the natural vibrations had caused the earth terminals to loosen.



There are only a few area's where it is mandatory to have an EICR in a specific time frame, an example of this would be rental properties, Currently it is NOT law to have these carried out when selling or buying a house, but most solicitors these days always ask for it.

Vulcanised Rubber Insulation - This had broken in half, due to the age of the wiring and how brittle it is, there is no way to repair it. its 40 years + past its in use life span. This required a rewire of the lighting circuits


An EICR is like and MOT for your house, It will show you where things are going wrong, and in most cases a quote will follow to fix those items that have failed.

An EICR can NOT be substituted for an Electrical Installation Certificate


This house had a partial rewire in the 70's however the original vulcanised Rubber Insulation lighting wiring was never replaced, the lighting circuits are also powered by 15amp fused which is not safe. 


An EICR cost will depend on the size of the property and the amount of circuits. A 1 bedroom flat with 4 circuits can cost as little £140 vs a large 5 bedroom house with 10 circuits at a cost of about £500. Every house is different so please get in touch for a personalised quote.

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