Are you looking for a house rewire?

If you are on this page then it means you are looking to have your house rewired. There are a few things that affect how much a rewire will cost, but the most important is if the property will be lived in rewire or not. The other factors include how many points / accessories, the quality of the accessories (like brush steel or chrome vs white plastic) and also the type of accessories, an example being downlights in each room vs a single pendant.

Lets take a look at a bit more detail.


A full house rewire will depend on many factors like how big the house is, if its listed or not, if its lived in or vacant.

A lived in rewire means we will be rewiring the house with you living in it. It means that at the start of every day and end of every day we will be moving furniture instead of doing electrical work. We also need to make sure you have working electricity and safe electrics at the end of every day, so a good 3 hours of our time each day is moving furniture, cleaning up and testing electrics. where as a vacant rewire we do not have to worry about that. once its been moved and the power is off it wont go back until we are finished. effectively cutting the time in half. A lived in rewire can take up to 2 times longer to complete vs a vacant rewire.



Depending on your requirements, style and qty of fixtures, the price does vary a lot. Changing from standard white moulded plastic fittings to a Brushed or Polished chrome can double/triple the price of the fittings. Same as having a single pendant in a room to have 6 - 8 down lights. A good quality fire rated down light is about £13 each, a single pendant is £1.

the average price of a 3-4 bed rewire in Folkestone (and the surrounding areas) will be around the £3000 - £4500 mark.